The increase in knowledge is forcing people to specialize. As a result, the distance between fields of specialization has become so vast that specialists in different areas are rarely able to influence each other.


“Knowledge is power,” the proverb goes. By acquiring knowledge a person becomes sound, both technically and mentally. Scope of knowledge is increasing everyday in the world. People are expanding their knowledge to gain more in their life. Some people specialize in their selected field to invent something new in their own field. They become so grooved into their own field that they couldn’t concentrate on others fields. However, to solve problems in research areas and to enhance the fields for new inventions researchers are overlapping fields with one another. By these making this overlaps they are broadening the area of research. They are influencing other fields to create new inventions in the field of research even though the fields are vastly separated.

Researchers have been developing many different fields for many years in their own area. But, at a certain point for their own needs they integrate one field with another. The integration provides solutions to several problems that are undiscovered before. For instance, bioinformatics consists of completely two different fields, one is biology and the other one is information technology. Thorough research has been done in both of these fields and research is still going on. Biology deals with huge collection of information and to understand and use this information properly; researchers have merged information technology with biology. The researchers from different fields came together to introduce this field. And, so far several inventions have made in the field of bioinformatics and this field is still growing. Recently bioinformatics has become very popular between the computer scientist and biologists. The reason for the popularity of this field is because of its new interesting inventions and potential research field.

The use of knowledge from different fields has broadened the area of research. Scientists have combined different fields to create robust fields for research. They correlate the results of one field with another field to make new inventions. For example, computational mathematics is now a great interest to the people of this world. The mathematicians and computer scientist have come together and share their research results and created a whole new subject of research. In computational mathematics, to solve computational problems various mathematical models are applied. Also, different types of experiment are going on to increase the performance of computing. These are only made possible due to the interaction between these two fields.

Combination of different fields leads to new discovery. During specialization on a specific subject, one may find something that has similarities to another topic in another field. For instance, the quantum chemistry is a combination of two different large fields. Chemistry is correlated with the concept of physics. Later various researches have been done on quantum chemistry and this will continue to go on and help researchers to discover new inventions in the field of quantum chemistry. Different theories have been discovered due to the interference between these two subjects. The term “photon” is discovered by Elbert Einstein based on Plank’s theory. Scientist are always try to overlap things so that they can create some thing new and can contribute to the world.

People are specializing on a topic from their own interest. Due to curiosity in their own fields and they are trying to create new things for their field. But, these don’t mean that due to vast topics in their fields they cannot cooperate to each other. For this reason, they are being able to create new areas of research by merging others fields for their own need and convenience.

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