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animated Contact form using jQuery

Today I have created a contact form for myself using jQuery, php, css and core html. This contact form was supposed to be created for someone else :( But, unfortunately I'm using this for myself now :P. You can check it out here. For the source code you can contact me through my contact form :)

cloud computing

It's been a while I have heard about cloud computing. I think in future there will be of no necessity to maintain one's own server to conduct business in IT field. Cloud computing is a computing system by which it is possible to maintain data and applications in a remote servers in internet. You don't need to establish your own internal server to start a IT business. The servers will be maintained by the big companies like Google, Microsoft, amazon and others. All you need to do is just to pay them monthly to create and maintain your servers. You don't need extra manpower and resources to maintain your server. You can invest that time to boost up your business. These servers can also grow dynamically. In addition, you can stop your service with them at any time, which is very good in a sense that you don't need to worry about selling your servers when you plan to stop your business. you can read more here.

Animated menu with jQuery

I have created the following menu using jQuery from a sample tutorial. I have added the jQuery in my application and have used animation function to animate the menu items. In mouse hover on the menu item you will see the animation which is cool. :)

url mappings in

I found this one very interesting in If you want to give an alias to your urls that contains weired query params, it can be achieved easily using web.config file in You need to add <urlMappings enabled="true"> tag inside the <system.web> tag and then you have to add one more tag (<add url="your alias url" mappedUrl="your url with query params") inside urlMappings tag. That's it. :) I have given one example below:
<urlMappings enabled="true">

<add url="~/content/general/university_calendar.aspx" mappedUrl="~/content/general/frontmatter.aspx?fmcode=UNCL&fmname=UGRAD"/>