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Argument Essay Writing- Agree or Disagree

"College students and people in general, prefer to follow directions rather than make their own decisions. Therefore, colleges should eliminate as many choices as possible in order to offer students clear direction."

Students are the building block of the nation. With proper guidance they can become successful in their own life and can contribute effectively in the country. A good guide can help them to choose the right option for their life from a number of choices. Some college students are also happy to select from a limited number of choices provided by the teachers. But, to be successful in one’s life, one should be provided with as much as choices possible instead of being offered a limited number of choices. These will help them to choose the right option for him and will also prove one’s capability in that specific topic.

Eliminating a large number of choices with the intention of providing students a clear direction abates the capability of thinking of a particular to…

pdf converter as a Printer

Download the pdf converter from the following link. It is free.

Download Converter

Install it in your computer. Open a doc or docx file in the MS Office that you want to make a pdf version and print it with pdf995 selected as the printer name. It will ask you to save it in your local folder and will be printed as a pdf.