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PIN from Google Adsense Support Team

Today, I get the PIN from Google, which is required to be verified before any payment is made. I have submitted my PIN to Google AdSense and all my hold is clear now. Here are the pictures of the mail that I got from the google. I'm a little excited about this. :)

Disable Notification in Windows Vista

To remove the hassle of allowing user permission every time in Windows Vista is very easy. It is possible to disable notification in Windows Vista from User Account.1. Go to the control panel and double "Users Accounts" icon.2. Then, select "Turn User Account Control on or off" option in the bottom.3. Finally, uncheck the option in the shown below and click ok, which will prompt you to restart your immediately. Restart your computer immediately to see the effect.

Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. You'll need a Standard 101/102-Key or Natural PS/2 Keyboard to use the shortcuts. To turn these case-sensitive shortcuts on or off, click Settings, and then pick an option next to Keyboard shortcuts. Shortcut KeyDefinitionActioncComposeAllows you to compose a new message. + c allows you to compose a message in a new window./SearchPuts your cursor in the search box.kMove to newer conversationOpens or moves your cursor to a more recent conversation. You can hit to expand a conversation.jMove to older conversationOpens or moves your cursor to the next oldest conversation. You can hit to expand a conversation.nNext messageMoves your cursor to the next message. You can hit to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')pPrevious messageMoves your cursor to the previous message. You can hit to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable …

Thanksgiving Dinner at UTA, US.

I had a dinner tonight. Its for Thanksgiving. Although the thanksgiving will be on the 27th of November, 2008, we had a early dinner. Local people from different state came to that dinner and prepare traditional American food for us. For the first time I taste Turkey and that was good and I liked it very much. Also, I met an American family there and some other American guys. We played Table Tennis there also. Here is a picture of Turkey :P. That was the most interesting part of the Dinner. :D

You Tube-Live, 2008

Watch You Tube Live on the 22nd of November, 2008. This is a live streamed event. Click on the image to see more...

Allow only one user in ASP.NET using web.config

Put the domain in the code below and the user name that you want to give the permission to. This works fine for me. You can add multiple user if you want to by adding the allow tag multiple times.<authentication mode="Windows" />
<allow users="domainname\username" />
<deny users="*" />

Random Images- Sunny


Cop car on Fire in Arlington, Texas

An accident happened tonight just in front of my apartment. I was sleeping after the evening class and suddenly I woke up form the bed hearing a noise. I looked outside through the window and I was stunned to see the flame in a police car. It was the first time I had this furious experience in Arlington, Texas. Unfortunately, there is no sing of death in the street.

Fire on the Police car.

Fire brigades are trying to turn out the fire.

Still trying to turn out the fire on the car.

After turning out the fire.

Worried people and Police in the area.

Exporting tables from MS Access to SQL Server 2008

Here are the steps to export it to SQL Server 2008:

1. The open the MS Access database and select the table that you want to export.

2. Goto Database tools from the main menu.

3. Click SQL Server from the Move Data pane.

4. Select the "Use Existing Database" option and click next.

5. Click new and create a new DSN Name.

6. Select SQL Server from the list box and click next.

7. Type a name that you want to be as your data source name. Then, Click next and it will show you a confirmation message box.

8. Click finish if it is confirmed.

9. Give a description whatever you like and select the server name from the drop down menu. Server name is the name where your database resides. Then, Click next.

10. Leave default and press next.

11. Leave default settings and click next.

12. Leave default settings and click next.

13. If you want to test your connection then you can click test data source button in the below.

14. This shows that your connection is successful.

15. Select your newly created dat…

Copy structure and data of a table in SQL Server 2008

For copying structure and data both from another table in Sql Server 2008, you can execute the following sql query:

select * into newtablename from oldtablename

you don't need to create the new table before you execute the query. It will be created automatically after executing this. Refresh the object explorer and it will come automatically.

Microsoft Expression Blend

Wet Floor EffectI have just started working with Expression Studio 2.0. Expression Blend is one of the Editors that used for animation. I have made a wet floor effect. Look below, it looks awesome. :)

Journals/ Argument Essay Writing/ GRE Argument Essay Writing

Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways.Originality can be stimulated from an old idea or can come from one’s basic instincts. It doesn’t mean putting old ideas together. Presenting old thoughts and ideas together in a new way can renovate those thoughts only. But, the originality comes out with new thoughts and ideas from individuals. All the great inventions in the world; for example, in the fields of astronomy, medical science, physical science, arts are the achievements of original thoughts. The original inventions, thoughts, and ideas do not always include past histories. In most of the times, it stands on its own original base.In astronomy new inventions have taken place several times over the past years. Great astronomers have tried to motivate themselves with their own new ideas. Consequently, they came up with their own discoveries. For example, in the time of Galileo, people used to use teles…

Argument Essay Writing/ Journals

Students should bring certain skepticism to whatever they study. They should question what they are taught instead of accepting it passively.Learning is a process to assist students learning in-depth knowledge and applying that knowledge perceptively. Starting from school life student goes through a lot of textbooks, articles and many other informative papers. Some students accept what they read and what their teacher teaches them. But, student should think critically while studying and should skeptical instead of accepting it passively. Having blind faith on whatever is taught or read will never bring progress in the society as a whole. Being skeptical helps student to discover new ideas and thoughts. In this world few can ensure the fact what the educators teach the students, the contents of the materials used for education and the way of teaching students are always accurate. Textbooks, journals, and materials for learning all must be precise for the students to get effective educa…

Journals/ Essay writing

"Students should memorize facts only after they have studied the ideas, trends, and concepts that help explain those facts. Students who have learned only facts have learned very little."Facts are the truths in this world. Students learn many facts during their student life. They try to perform well in their life by gathering facts from different sources. They memorize the facts so that they can be able to utilize those facts in their future life. However, memorizing the facts doesn’t help students to achieve higher success in life. They should first understand the concepts, ideas, and trends behind that fact and then they should memorize the fact by linking it to the real examples. Students who only memorize the facts without any relevant examples will not understand the facts properly and will fail to apply it in real life.Memorizing facts hinder students’ performance in examination. Some students may perform well in the exam by memorizing them, but most of the students ca…

Ei shohor nangyan rangamattya- Ebong paharer gaan

Songs in this Album:
1. Ei shohor nangyan rangamattya
2. Ailo Ailo re

Download it!!!

Happy Hippo The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science

"Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science"From the very beginning of the era of computers, scientists were trying to create artificial intelligent systems such that robot will have characteristics similar to a human body. Among all the modern technological quests, people have been trying to build artificially intelligent (AI) computer systems for different sectors, which is one of the most challenging tasks in this field. And in fact, artificial intelligence has developed in different sectors, among which medical science is notable. In medical science the contribution and usefulness of artificial intelligence has developed tremendously and it continues to develop. Artificial intelligence in medical science has numerous applications, for instance, it is used to solve dermatological problems of people in rural areas, to identify emergency patients based on their symptoms, to protect patient data in different health organizations, to identify significant factors for diabetic …

The increase in knowledge is forcing people to specialize. As a result, the distance between fields of specialization has become so vast that specialists in different areas are rarely able to influence each other.

“Knowledge is power,” the proverb goes. By acquiring knowledge a person becomes sound, both technically and mentally. Scope of knowledge is increasing everyday in the world. People are expanding their knowledge to gain more in their life. Some people specialize in their selected field to invent something new in their own field. They become so grooved into their own field that they couldn’t concentrate on others fields. However, to solve problems in research areas and to enhance the fields for new inventions researchers are overlapping fields with one another. By these making this overlaps they are broadening the area of research. They are influencing other fields to create new inventions in the field of research even though the fields are vastly separated.Researchers have been developing many different fields for many years in their own area. But, at a certain point for their own needs they integrate one field with another. The integration provides solutions to several problems that a…

True understanding of one’s own culture, no matter how defined, requires personal knowledge of at least one other culture, one that is distinctly different.

True understanding of one’s own culture, no matter how defined, requires personal knowledge of at least one other culture, one that is distinctly different.Culture is a mix of arts, manner, dress, language, religions, and systems of belief of all population in a country from past generation to the current generation. A country is well depicted by her culture and the culture of a country reflects the nature of many different aspects of that country. An individual can know about his country by acquiring knowledge about the culture of his country. However, to learn only one’s own culture of his country doesn’t help him to compare and contrast his culture with other country’s culture and also doesn’t help him to realize the position of his culture. To better understand one’s culture it is necessary to understand at least one other country’s culture and this helps an individual to identify the distinguishing features of one’s culture relative to another culture.Culture maintained between a…

Useful shortcut keys in MS Office 2007

Here is a list of short cuts for editing characters in MS Office 2007 in a fastest way. These are very useful to do editing in office 2007. You can get other lists from MS Office 2007 site.
To do this
PressChange the formatting of characters (Font command, Format menu).CTRL+DChange the case of letters.SHIFT+F3Format letters as all capitals.CTRL+SHIFT+AApply bold formatting.CTRL+BApply an underline.CTRL+UUnderline words but not spaces.CTRL+SHIFT+WDouble-underline text.CTRL+SHIFT+DApply hidden text formatting.CTRL+SHIFT+HApply italic formatting.CTRL+IFormat letters as small capitals.CTRL+SHIFT+KApply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).CTRL+EQUAL SIGNApply superscript formatting (automatic spacing).CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGNRemove manual character formatting.CTRL+SPACEBARChange the selection to the Symbol font.CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Source: This is taken form MS Office web site.

A Traffic Client Server Model

A traffic client server model is a an application of client-server model. It uses the socket programming. I have used as a front end and SQL Express as a back end. The problem definition and solution is given below:Download the Full Solution <<Client Model:TrafficClient.cs/***************************************************************
                    Quazi Mainul Hasan

***************************************************************/ using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml; namespace TrafficClient
    public partial class TrafficClientServerMenu : Form
        private static TcpClient m_tcpClient;
        private NetworkStream m_networkStream;
        private StreamWriter m_streatWriter;
        private StreamR…