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towards better world - Will Code for GREEN

At the eleventh hour I submitted an entry in Will Code for GREEN which is the contest provided by Imagine Cup 2010. It's my bad luck that I received an email from imagine cup just 2 days before the deadline to submit the entry. The requirement was that you have to use Bing API to built a website in any of 2 categories, which are "Global Economy" and "Global Ecology". I read the whole documentation for Bing API and just created a website in Global Economy category and named it towards Better World. The website has some really simple functions. It is available here. The voting period is also over :(. So I didn't get any vote :(. The final result will be published on the 20th of Aug, 2009 and you can view the result here.

Bing and Gnomedex - Will Code for Green! Developer Contest