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Blog Posts using Windows Live Writer

This is my first post using "Windows Live Writer" and I find it very interesting and also user friendly.Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easy to publish rich content to your blog. With it you can insert photos and videos, maps, tags and lots of other cool content, all in a snap. Also, it has some powerful editing features such as tables, spell checker, and quick hyperlinks. Writer shows you what your blog entry will look like before you post it, using your blog's templates and formatting. Also, It is possible to write post offline and publishing it to a later time.Download Windows Live WriterAlso, try out some plug ins here

Purano Shei Diner Kotha - Rabindra Sangeet


Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries

Balam Feat. Julee- New album

Download "Balam Feat. Julee" below. Also, available in the Download music section of my blog.

Balam Feat. JuleeDownload

Evening Trip in Pohela Baishakh

Nabila and I went to BUET at 4:30 p.m. There we met some of our BUET friends. We also went to see the program held in front of the architecture building. Every year on Pohela Baishakh only the architecture department arranges this kind of cultural program. We also met Fariaz in that show. I bought "Ek Tara" from the mela in the DU Campus. Then, Rasel, Nabila and I went to IBA auditorium to see the show performed by Ridwan and his friends. We enjoyed it very much. We came back to home at about 9:00 p.m.

Pohela Baishakh

Pohela Baishakh 1415

Shobaikey Bangla Nobo borsher shubheccha.
To know the history of Pohela Baishakh click here

Tuhin Bhai's FareWell


Live broadcast from Bording Vista

Today is the official opening of our office, Bording Vista. A live broadcast from Bording Vista office premise will be shown at 3:00 p.m, 8th April, 2008. Please go to the link Live BroadCast and please watch our opening ceremony live today :).

SunnyBoY, The BirthDay BoY

Today is my first Birthday after my marriage. So, definitely it's a very special one to me and also for all of my family members, friends and colleagues. I got a "Phoenix" bicycle from my wife, Nabila :D, that is really a great surprise for me and that cycle is blue in color, my favorite color. Today, I ride on that cycle for about only 15 minutes, as I was tired :(, in Dhanmondi area after coming back from the office. I cut three big cake. One is made by Amma, the first one, then the second one is from Saki, my youngest brother, and Nabila and last the Third one is from my company Bording Vista. I myself decorated the cake with butter, icing sugar and fruits. Also, I got a batman mask and a small football from my office. Oh! lots of gifts, lots of wishes, cards, sms .....really it's a great day for me. I'm lucky getting so many things just in one day. I'm that Happy :D.

Amma made a cake for me

Cake from Kings

Cake from Mr. Baker

My Phoenix bicycle

My Batman Mask

Shahed and his Little Poem


kader jeno dak sona jay,
jibon namer aai nil doriaay..
mon majhi hoye aami pari debo bari,
iish dube gele hobe je toder songe aari.
nuri hoye robo aami,
lojja hariye hobo nirlojjo,
hate haat rekhe chokher issarate,
saaker aai aami hobo je niraker ..
noyone noyon rekhe chittker kore bolbo,aai aami hobo je aak chhoraker.


My Best friend, Shahed wrote the poem for me when we were in H.S.C First year. The most interesting part of this poem is that if you write it in bengali and take the first letter of every line of the poem you will get my full name in Bengali. He used to write a lot of poems. I really miss him very much :( .

The poem also expresses himself . Please everyone who reads it pray for my friend's departed soul. May Allah rest his soul in peace.

Search Google Like An Expert

>> It is a 5 minutes training course for becoming an Google Search Expert. lol..
Here goes the searching tips:

1. Explicit Word Search: Suppose you want to search for a specific word in the internet then instead of just writing the word quote the word with double quotation, for example: search with "Biology" instead of just searing by Biology.

2. Exclude Words:If you want to exclude a word from our search result content then just use the " - " sign before the ignoring word. e.g. type in the Google search box Biology -Bone to exclude the word 'Bone' from the search result.

3. Calculator:Just write the calculation you want to don in the Google search box and you will get the desired result easily :). e.g. 123 * 123

4. Word Meaning/ Defining: To know the definition of a word write in the Google search box like, define:Sunny, where "define" is used like a command.

5. Converter: To convert from one unit to another unit e.g. type like below:

12 …

April Fools' Day

I was fooled by google in April Fool's day in 2007 through internet for the first time. Gmail Paper and Google TiSP(short term for Toilet Internet Service Provider) were the two fake news on the April Fool's day. "Gmail paper" one says that it will print all the mail in the paper for a particular person :P. And the "Google TiSP" says that it is a free Broadband service using the swearage line in the bathroom comod.(I was wondering how that was possible!!). But, this year I've not yet fooled at least by google. :D

Some accidents happened due to April Fool's day. Read more in this article

Actually, There is some debate on the history of this day. I've heard that some muslims were killed on this day by some bad people making fake stories. I don't know whether it is true or not. I don't know the origin of this day. Do you know the origin of this day? please leave your answer in the comment if you actually know the history behind this.

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