Shahed and his Little Poem


kader jeno dak sona jay,
jibon namer aai nil doriaay..
mon majhi hoye aami pari debo bari,
iish dube gele hobe je toder songe aari.
nuri hoye robo aami,
lojja hariye hobo nirlojjo,
hate haat rekhe chokher issarate,
saaker aai aami hobo je niraker ..
noyone noyon rekhe chittker kore bolbo,aai aami hobo je aak chhoraker.


My Best friend, Shahed wrote the poem for me when we were in H.S.C First year. The most interesting part of this poem is that if you write it in bengali and take the first letter of every line of the poem you will get my full name in Bengali. He used to write a lot of poems. I really miss him very much :( .

The poem also expresses himself . Please everyone who reads it pray for my friend's departed soul. May Allah rest his soul in peace.


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