April Fools' Day

I was fooled by google in April Fool's day in 2007 through internet for the first time. Gmail Paper and Google TiSP(short term for Toilet Internet Service Provider) were the two fake news on the April Fool's day. "Gmail paper" one says that it will print all the mail in the paper for a particular person :P. And the "Google TiSP" says that it is a free Broadband service using the swearage line in the bathroom comod.(I was wondering how that was possible!!). But, this year I've not yet fooled at least by google. :D

Some accidents happened due to April Fool's day. Read more in this article

Actually, There is some debate on the history of this day. I've heard that some muslims were killed on this day by some bad people making fake stories. I don't know whether it is true or not. I don't know the origin of this day. Do you know the origin of this day? please leave your answer in the comment if you actually know the history behind this.


  1. I also heard the story of killing a bunch of Muslims on this day but sorry to say I too am not sure about it :(


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