towards better world - Will Code for GREEN

At the eleventh hour I submitted an entry in Will Code for GREEN which is the contest provided by Imagine Cup 2010. It's my bad luck that I received an email from imagine cup just 2 days before the deadline to submit the entry. The requirement was that you have to use Bing API to built a website in any of 2 categories, which are "Global Economy" and "Global Ecology". I read the whole documentation for Bing API and just created a website in Global Economy category and named it towards Better World. The website has some really simple functions. It is available here. The voting period is also over :(. So I didn't get any vote :(. The final result will be published on the 20th of Aug, 2009 and you can view the result here.


  1. Interesting ideas! Keep on tryin' right?

    Thanks for visiting my site. It gave me a chance to visit yours. I likie! Well peaches are calling my name...gotta go "jam" with-em, later

  2. Thanks. Good luck with your jamming :)


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