Exporting tables from MS Access to SQL Server 2008

Here are the steps to export it to SQL Server 2008:

Step 1
1. The open the MS Access database and select the table that you want to export.

Step 22. Goto Database tools from the main menu.

Step 33. Click SQL Server from the Move Data pane.

Step 44. Select the "Use Existing Database" option and click next.

Step 55. Click new and create a new DSN Name.

Step 66. Select SQL Server from the list box and click next.

Step 77. Type a name that you want to be as your data source name. Then, Click next and it will show you a confirmation message box.

Step 88. Click finish if it is confirmed.

Step 99. Give a description whatever you like and select the server name from the drop down menu. Server name is the name where your database resides. Then, Click next.

Step 1010. Leave default and press next.

Step 1111. Leave default settings and click next.

Step 1212. Leave default settings and click next.

Step 1313. If you want to test your connection then you can click test data source button in the below.

Step 1414. This shows that your connection is successful.

Step 1515. Select your newly created data source name from the list and click OK to continue.

Step 1616. Select the table name and click the single arrow in the middle and press next button to proceed.

Step 1717. This will look like this for one table.

Step 1818. If you want to configure then you can change some of the options, but here I go with the default options and click next.

Step 1919. Go with the default options and click next.

Step 2020. Click finish to execute your exporting.

Step 2121. After completing your execution you will see your MS Access table in SQL Server 2008 Database.


  1. nice work....that works in my case.....keep it going man!


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