Argument Essay Writing- Agree or Disagree

"College students and people in general, prefer to follow directions rather than make their own decisions. Therefore, colleges should eliminate as many choices as possible in order to offer students clear direction."

Students are the building block of the nation. With proper guidance they can become successful in their own life and can contribute effectively in the country. A good guide can help them to choose the right option for their life from a number of choices. Some college students are also happy to select from a limited number of choices provided by the teachers. But, to be successful in one’s life, one should be provided with as much as choices possible instead of being offered a limited number of choices. These will help them to choose the right option for him and will also prove one’s capability in that specific topic.

Eliminating a large number of choices with the intention of providing students a clear direction abates the capability of thinking of a particular topic. Students choose from a limited number of choices they are provided with. They don’t have to think about a huge number topics. As a result their brains will not be developed in a proper way. Students also don’t get a chance for brainstorming. However, students should be provided with a huge number of meaningful options, which will help them to develop their brain quickly and logically. If students are allowed to work with diverse topics, then they can work with different types of topics and can find out the one in which they want to work with intrigue. Many college students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to introduce them with the outside world. For example, students are encouraged to participate in the problem solving competition, which will help them to think actively.

Variety of topics help students to select the right topic for them that fit appropriately and which will help him to shine in life. This will actually help him to discover new inventions. Students have different types of topics in different sectors. If a student is provided with only a limited number of topics, he may not find any interest within those topics. He will find it very difficult for him to work with every bit of it. But, if he is provided with lots of topics, then he may find out some other topic in which he is interested in. He can perform well if he is allowed to work with his preferred topic. For example, one of my classmates at the undergrad level did not want to take hardware related courses. He was very much interested working with algorithms and problem solving. He was allowed to choose his own topic from a variety of topics. And currently he is working at Google, one of the leading companies in the world, as a software developer.

Teachers and students should discuss with each other to improve student’s choice selection rather than offering a few topics to study. Instead of insisting that students, choose from a selected number of choices, teachers should give advice about how they can improve their selection and also knowledge. It is more important for a student to gain knowledge than just to pass an exam. Some students find it very easy to go with a few numbers of options. They will not be able to grab the main idea of the selection. Some colleges arrange seminar for the students to give them an idea of what they should follow to achieve success in their life.

Students provided with varieties of choices will ultimately win in the world of competition. Some students may think that it is better to choose from a small number of choices with clear direction. But, this will not ultimately help them in the future to proceed. Students who have variety of thought will be able to improvise critical situations and will gain success in the future.


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