Shutter Speed = 2.5

I and Jishan took some snaps on our way to home from Bording Vista. Jishan sets up the shutter speed manually then I also took some pictures. I'm really learning a lots of stuffs about camera from my friends. Look how nice it looks at night :D. Actually you can also comment about the pictures :p (if you want to ;))

Sunny's Photography

Sunny's Photography
Jishan's Photography

Jishan's  Photography


  1. Sunny vi, you must put the camera on a tripod while shutter speed is set to 2.5 secconds :) Then the pictures wont be hazy.

  2. yeah next time:) but, I have done this intentionally.:)

  3. Fatae blogging kortesish.
    Becoming a hard core blogger.
    By the way wicked, joss hoise
    chobi ta dosto :)


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