Bangladesh Independence Day , 2008

The 26th of March is our Independence day. East Pakistan declares its independence from Pakistan to form People's Republic of Bangladesh. And Bangladesh Liberation War begins. The war ran for Nine long months and we got our victory on the 16th of December, 1971, which is our victory day. On the 25th of March, '71 at night, which is known as "Kalo Ratri", the West Pakistani army attack suddenly over the hopeless Bengali people and killed a lots of people. About 30 lacks people died in this liberation war. Some of the pictures of those deadly incidents I'm uploading here in my Blog. And see how worst human can be!!!

Liberation War Image OneLiberation War Image Two

Liberation War Image Four

Liberation War Image Five


  1. we always feel proud to talk about them, but what r we doing for their sacrifice? nothing:(
    i am also doing nothing, only posting


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