Preparing application package for Higher studies

The preparation for higher studies should be started at least 1 year before your session for which you are applying. Most of the universities allow students to submit online application. But, online application doesn’t mean that you can submit your transcript and other additional documents. You have to send those documents via mail. You can pay the application fee by using credit card or by sending bank draft. You can contact to for online payment if you couldn't manage credit card. They will take a comission for every transaction. Try to send your document at least 2 month before the admission deadline. The documents that meet most of the universities requirement are listed below:

1. Transcript
2. Letters of recommendation (LOR)
3. Statement of Purpose
4. Publications list if you have any
5. Honors and awards if you have any
6. Official TOEFL score must be sent to the university
7. Official GRE score must be sent to the university
8. Additional certificates and supporting documents.
9. Course list, if university asks for.

After the admission decision you may have to submit the following documents:

1. Financial statement
2. University specific financial documents
3. Bank Statement/ Bank certificate stating about the BDT equivalent to us dollar.

Some more points to be noted:

1. TOEFL: Try to get an exam date asap if you planning for TOEFL . There is always rush for TOEFL test mostly for the fall session. Create a profile in which is free of cost and then register for a TOEFL test by credit card.

2. GRE: Same is applicable for GRE.

3. Transcript and additional certificates: Transcripts, provisional/main certificate, testimonial and others documents provided by university must be attested and sealed in envelop by the university authority.

4. LOR: At least 3 recommendation letters from 3 professors of your university are needed. Some universities ask for double copy of LORS. A good choice would be University Adviser, Thesis supervisor and other one may be from your course teacher (Ph.D.holders are normally preferred over others) or from a company you are working for. Some universities have their own recommendation letter form to be filled out by the recommender. Please verify it in the university web page for details. Recommendation letter must be signed and sealed by the professor.

5. Statement of Purpose: This is the most vital document in your application package. Take your time to make a perfect SOP. Don’t try to write it within a day. Also, let others to read your SOP so that they can give you some advice to improve your writing.

6. University Selection: Select your university on the basis of your GRE/TOEFL score and your interests. You can get help from for university selection.

7. Courier Service: Send your documents through TNT as they provide commission for a student, which is very cheap compared to DHL, FedEx. .TNT also has their own tracking system to track your package online.

8. Resume: Make a good resume. It should focus your academic interests mainly.


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