Cost Estimation for Nepal Tour

First you will need Nepali VISA. You can take Nepali visa from Bangladesh or you can take on arrival Nepali visa. You go for on arrival visa. For on arrival visa you will face the visa after arriving in the Nepali airpot, Tri bhuban airport. For SAARC countries on visa fee is required. It's free absolutely. You have to take only two pictures of you. Also, there is provision to take passport picture in the airport, but it will not be cost effective I think.

Nabila and I went to Nepal by air. The airlines name is GMG. The cost per person with return ticket is BDT 14300 which is equivalent to US 206 dollar. During the days in Nepal, we stayed in four hotels, Hotel Kathmandu View, Hotel View point, Hotel Dharma Inn and Hotel Prime. We first made an online booking in the Hotel Kathmandu view and they sent us a taxi to pick up from the airport which cost us 400 Nepali rupee (NRS). We went to Hotel Kathmandu View and after inspection of the reserved room, we bargain with the manager about the room rent. It costs 15 US dollar per night which is very cheap I think. From Hotel Kathmandu View we made our own package covering almost all the important places and also they give us a nice car for traveling these places. The cost for this package is almost 330 US dollar which is also very cheap from my point of view as they are also providing a car for you. My Nepali friend Suman bargained with the manager of Hotel Kathmandu View. Many thanks to Suman for his time. :D
The cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner is reasonable. You will get a handsome breakfast at BDT 120- BDT 140 which is equivalent to $2-$3 US dollar. You can get vegetable khichuri at 80 NRS for lunch, Also you can get a 12 inch PiZZa at 100 NRS. For Dinner you can get foods within the range of $2-$3 US dollar.

In Nepal you will see very few rickshaws, these are called tourist rickshaws as Nepali local people don't ride on these rickshaws, usually tourists use these rickshaws. The fare is very high.

Even for a very little distance they will charge you 40-50 Nepali Rupees, unfortunately this is their starting fare :D.

Be carefule about the tourist guides. They will try to capture your attention and will charge high rate for guidance in a tourist place.

You can rent bi-cycle on an hourly basis. The rate for a bi-cycle per hour is 40 NRS.

Try to collect the book "Lonely Planet- Nepal" which is very very useful in selecting restaurant, food, tourist places and almost ever thing you want to do in Nepal.

Good Luck !


  1. Nepal er vara to dekhi coxsbazar theke kom.........

  2. Yes my friend...this is the fact :(
    Dosto try to collect the book Lonely Planet- Nepal if you are plannign to go to Nepal. That will be real help for you.:)


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