Hazi Biriyani - Traditional Food of Bangladesh

Yesterday, Taksin, Waseef, Avi and I went to the Alauddin road to take "Haji Biriyani" as our Dinner. It is almost seven years have passed since I last ate Haji Biriyani. The taste is almost the same as previous. The cost per plate is 120 TK. This is new price for Haji Biriyani started from July 1st, 2008. They parcel biriyani wrapped in a box, make of dry leaves. We took 4 plates of biriyani and finished it with in a moment :D. After that we went to nearby juice shop and took 4 glasses of Lemon Juice. The taste of that juice was completely different and very nice. If you ever plan to go to puran Dhaka please try that Lemon juice. I have attached a visiting card of Haji Biriyani. Please try it if you have not yet tasted it!!


  1. hmmm... haji birani... its really nice.

    I didn't know his name is almost same as mine :P

  2. yeah almost same....are you the grandson of Haji!! :P

  3. Though I am not the grandson of Haji I can cook well, specially something like birani :D

  4. many thanks for your kind information related to Hazi Biriyani.. It helped us a lot.. JazakAllah..

  5. you are always welcome.... :) Did you got to the Hazi Biriyani later?

  6. unfortunately, the GP mobile number of Haji Shab is not in use. Any idea of whether it is open in the month of Ramadan? And if open, what is the schedule?

  7. actually, i don't know the time for Ramadan...but generally they used to brings in 2 times...one is around 11.00 am and the another is on 5.00 p.m. Sorry, for not helping you with the information in this regard :(

  8. since 1939 their traditional and charming tasty business now they have their web add. www. hajibiriyani.com and 2 offices. their old office at old town opens at 7 am and closes at 10 am. it again opens at 5 pm in the evening and closes at approx 9 pm. their another office at motijhil besides biman bangladesh airlines office opens at 12 pm and closes 3 pm. this much info i can provide u my brothers with my least little knowledge.

  9. For the fans of Hazir Biariany, Here are the contact numbers :

    Motijeheel Office Number 01712127241 .. it remains open till 4 PM. You would not get if you cannot reach within 3 pm. Address is ::
    99,Motijeel,Beside Biman Office , Motijiheel

    Old Town number :: 01711523505. Address ( most of you should know this address ) ::
    70,Kazi Alauddin Road, Nazira Bazar , Motijiheel

    Enjoy your self... but do not forget be grateful to Allah, trying to share your joy with at least one poor at a time.

  10. now three brances in dhaka.1)kazi alauddin road(7am-8am),
    130tk per pata pkt
    150tk per paper pkt


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